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Client Testimonials

"I began my health and fitness journey in April 2012 and after they came highly recommended by a friend, I soon found myself at Zenon Fitness for Personal Training sessions when I realised I needed the right support to achieve my goals. It's difficult to find words that do justice to this business, their staff and the results they have helped me attain."So far I have lost 45 kilos but what I have gained from my association with Zenon and its staff is the incredible part of my journey.  I can safely say that I am not the same person who first stepped through their front door.  I now have genuine self confidence, I believe that I am capable of achieving anything and have adopted a 'never-say-die' attitude.  

I am a much happier person in general and I have developed a mental strength I never had before.  I believe this comes directly from the support and encouragement I have received not only from my trainer, but all the Zenon staff and even their clients who have trained at the same time as me.  In the times when I do doubt my abilities, encouragement from one or more people follows closely behind.

"My trainer, Steve has got to know me particularly well and trains me to my strengths.  He knows I train well with benchmarks to work towards and supports me in achieving specific goals and records.

"I look forward to my weekly PT session and openly admit to everyone that my PT day is my favourite day of the week. "I am also a regular at morning boot camp sessions which have been a great addition to my PT days to boost my results and increase my fitness.

"I recommend Zenon Fitness to everyone.  Your goals may be large or small, but you literally have every ounce of support you need to make it happen.  It's impossible to praise them enough."

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